How to Remove Blind Spot Mirror on Your Car?

Need your blind spot mirror out and don’t know how? 

There are countless reasons why you may need your blind spot mirror out. Firstly, you may not need it anymore—a blind spot mirror may not be as required as perceived. Secondly, you may need to change the location of your blind spot mirror on your car side mirrors. You may also wish to replace your blind spot mirror. 

Irrespective of the reason behind your decision, this article will guide you on the procedure to remove your blind spot mirror safely and neatly.

3 Tips to Remove Blind Spot Mirror

The effort and carefulness you apply to remove a blind spot mirror depend on the strength of the glue attaching it to your side mirror. Blindspot mirrors either come with an adhesive or a suction cup attachment detachable from the side mirror. Adhesive attachment is the best. That is because it firmly holds the blind spot mirror in place for a long time. But this type of attachment is quite sturdy and can make it difficult to detach the blind spot mirror when the need arises.

Follow 3 below quick tips to do it easily.

3 easy tips to remove blind spot mirror at home.
3 tips to remove blind spot mirror easily.

Tip 1: Remove Blind Spot Mirror with Dental Floss and Rubbing Alcohol

How to remove blind spot mirror
5 steps to remove blind spot mirror with dental floss and rubbing alcohol
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Rubbing Alcohol

Microfiber towel

You’ll need the following materials:

● Dental Floss: a thin cord used in interdental cleaning to clean parts of the teeth where toothbrushes hardly penetrate.

● Soft cloth: a piece of cotton or microfiber towel can adequately do the bidding.

● Rubbing alcohol: this is an ethanol-based liquid used in cleaning hard surfaces like the surface of your side mirror.

#Step 1: Tie the ends of the floss around a finger on both hands. This will give you a firm grip on the cord.

#Step 2: Place the floss over the top of the blind spot mirror. Then work through the adhesive in a back-and-forth motion. Apply some pressure on the adhesive while sawing through it until the blind spot mirror comes off.

#Step 3: You will notice some adhesive residue on your side mirror after the blind spot mirror comes off. Scratching off the residue with any hard piece, as you may ordinarily want to do, could cause damage to the side mirror. What can you do then? Apply some rubbing alcohol on the residue and wipe continuously until your side mirror comes clean.

Easy, right?

Tip 2: Remove Blind Spot Mirror with Heat Gun/Hair Dryer and WD-40

Best way to remove blind spot mirror
5 steps to remove blind spot mirror with heat gun and wd-40

You’ll need the following materials:

● Heat Gun or Hair Dryer: a heat gun is a handheld device that emits a stream of flameless heat. If you don’t have one immediately available, you can find a fairly used one in a local antique store.

● WD-40: this is a water displacement lubricant that you can easily get in a store.

● Dental Floss

● Cloth (cotton or microfiber)

#Step 1: Pick your hair dryer or heat gun.

Using low heat, point the heating tool about five inches away from the side of the blind spot mirror. Wait until the glue of the blind spot mirror becomes slightly movable. You can test this by trying to twist the attachment to see if it will move.

#Step 2: Cover your floss with WD-40 to enable it to move smoothly. You may opt to use a wiper spray for this as well. Tie the ends of the floss around your fingers to secure it. Slide it behind the blind spot mirror and slowly move the floss left and right until you break through the glue.

#Step 3: Spill some WD-40 on the leftover residue. Then wipe evenly with the cloth until the residue comes off your side mirror ultimately.

Tip 3: Remove Blind Spot Mirror with Fishing Line and WD-40/Goo Gone

Using fishing line and Goo Gone can remove blind spot mirror.
5 steps to remove blind spot mirror with fishing line and Goo Gone
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Goo Gone Automotive

You’ll need the following materials:

● Fishing line

● WD-40 or Goo Gone: Goo Gone is a liquid adhesive remover that can help you clean off the residue after removing the blind spot mirror, just like the WD-40

● Cloth (cotton or microfiber)

#Step 1: Grab a pair of scissors and cut out a 12-inch length of fishing line. Entwine the ends of the line around your fingers. If you are afraid of feeling hurt, you can entwine the ends of the line around two long nails or metals instead.

#Step 2: Place the line over the blind spot mirror and saw through the edge in-between the blind spot mirror and the side mirror. You can apply some Goo Gone to ease the movement of the line. Remember to apply some pressure until the blind spot mirror comes off.

#Step 3: Apply some Goo Gone on the residue on the side mirror. Allow it to soak in for 5-10 minutes. Then, use a cloth to wipe the residue off completely.

Do Blind Spot Mirrors Really Work?

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration acknowledges that “driver assistance technologies hold the potential to reduce traffic crashes and save thousands of lives each year.” More than 80,000 blind spot-related accidents occur every year. Blindspot technologies can help to mitigate these incidents.

Some modern vehicles have factory-installed blind spot detection systems as a safety feature. The systems alert drivers with an audio or visual warning if there are vehicles in adjacent lanes that the driver may not see when changing to a different lane. Blindspot mirrors come in handy as an efficient and affordable alternative if your vehicle doesn’t offer blind-spot detection.

Choosing The Right Blind Spot Mirror for Your Vehicle

You can find blind spot mirrors in any auto parts store. You can also purchase from online retailers. However, it would help to consider some factors before choosing which blind spot mirror to use for your vehicle.

Blindspot mirrors are either rounded or square. To pick the correct shape, you have to consider the size of your side mirror. It’s necessary to choose a blind spot mirror that doesn’t take much space while still providing enough visibility.

You may also want to consider the type of material used in manufacturing the blind spot mirror. Most blind spot mirrors are made of plastic which is an affordable material. Some others use aluminum. Blindspot mirrors made of aluminum are the best because they don’t degrade easier, but you must pay a little more for them.

You can also find blind spot mirrors that are adjustable. These types allow you to turn them to your desired angles to broaden your view.

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Where is the Best Position for a Blind Spot Mirror?

The best position for the blind spot mirror is either the top or bottom corner of the outermost edge of your side mirror

The placement location of blind spot mirrors varies for different reasons. The best position for the blind spot mirror is either the top or bottom corner of the outermost edge of your side mirror. Most drivers choose the top corner of the extreme edge. However, if you intend to use them to aid you in parking your vehicle, then installing them pointing down toward the lower outer corners of your side mirrors would be better.

How to Adjust Car Mirrors for Maximum Visibility

Your car mirrors are there to provide you greater visibility while driving. As we have seen, modern cars usually come with factory-installed blind spot detection systems. But many other cars, especially ones of older models, do not have these installations. In the absence of the alternative blind spot mirror, the traditional car mirrors can get you covered if you adjust them appropriately.

Always check your mirrors at the start of every journey. Then, ensure that they are in good condition and in the proper position to provide maximum visibility.

The rear-view mirror, fixed in front of the driver, shows the driver what’s behind the car. A perfectly adjusted rear-view mirror should provide a complete view of the rear windshield without the car owner moving his head. This way, he can adequately see the vehicles approaching from the rear.

The job of the side mirrors is to show you the cars by your side. Know that your side mirrors are improperly positioned if your car is still visible. They should be angled out enough to provide the driver with a broader view of each side of the road.


Degraded and wrongly placed blind spot mirrors can be tricky to take off. This is mainly for those with adhesive attachments. However, in most cases, you can overcome the puzzle with simple DIY methods that require dental floss, WD-40, and a piece of a soft cloth. It is also important to note that a car’s traditional mirrors can help enhance driver visibility and eliminate blind spots, consequently, just like blind spot mirrors do.

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