3 Best Different Types of Black Paint for Cars

It is tough to imagine that any other paint for a car can be more popular than black. To date, black car paint dominates global automotive markets. Why is that the case? Well, the one thing that makes it popular is its use both as an original manufacturer finish as well as an aftermarket application. 

Now, here is the exciting part. Black car paint is not a single type, but it is a name that represents a couple of colors. While they might all look almost similar, the fact is that they last differently, affect looks in diverse ways, and even vary in terms of the cost. 

This article explains the different types of black paints for cars that you can consider for your vehicle. Without further ado, let us dive into the top three types below: 

3 Best Black Car Paint Colors

3 best black car paints
Satin, Metallic and Cherry pearl are the best black car paint

1. Satin Black Car Paint

satin black car paint
Satin black paint
Credit: audiworld.com

Satin paints or finishes refer to the standard finish most cars come with from manufacturers. It comes in black and other colors as well. It usually lasts quite long, especially if you learn to keep your vehicle in good condition and away from factors that can easily damage the paint. 

In layers, satin paints usually consist three of them: primer layer, paint layer, and lacquer layer. But that’s not all. After trying and testing these paints for a long, some manufacturers now have a new type. They call it a two-pack paint since it is made by mixing two layers (usually paint and lacquer). 

When should you use this paint? You should apply satin black paint for your car if you love a neutral appearance. Also, if you use your car in a way that it might quickly get scratches, satin color is the most appropriate option. It is easier to fix imperfections on satin paints compared to other types of stains. 


  • Simple to produce and apply
  • Necessary equipment for the application of solid paint is inexpensive
  • Easy to achieve an even finish with this type of paint
  • Cheapest and easy to take care of compared to others


  • Layers can easily separate, especially if you allow moisture to get in between them when applying the paint

2. Metallic Black Car Paint

Metallic Black Car Paint
Metallic black paints are a great one to reflect light

If you live a shiny black color that reflects light, then metallic black paints are a great one. You probably would want to know why it’s shiny. It’s because of aluminum powder. They are added to the color, and the particles reflect light; that’s why the paint is glossy. 

You should apply metallic black paint if you want to improve the looks of your car as a great shine. If you’re going to resell your vehicle, one way to provide it with a new appearance is to apply this paint. It adds value and also protects against damage. 

Metallic paints are also suitable when it comes to offering protection against UV lights. You just need to make sure that you apply more coats/layers. 


  • Adds visual appeal to your car
  • It’s easy to apply
  • Comes in a wide variety of black shades hence many choices for you


  • Dust/dirt shows more on it hence you will have to clean your car more often
  • Marks easily, so avoid washing with abrasive materials

3. Black Cherry Pearl Paint

Black cherry pearl car paint
Black Cherry Pearl is fantastic

It is a black paint that is more common with high-end vehicles. While it is a rare paint among mainstream vehicle manufacturers, it is available in a couple of luxurious brands options. You’ll, therefore, find it retailing at higher prices compared to the other two types. 

To make it shine the brightest, this paint is made of ceramic crystals. That’s why it shines more deeply than even the black metallic paint. Also, it reflects and refracts light; that’s why it is a paint that’s mostly used in deluxe vehicles. 

You should apply this type of black paint if you want to give your car a fantastic look. It produces a deep black and shiny color that metallic options cannot even match. Just get a reliable and professional company who knows how to use it, and your vehicle will properly look great. 


  • A very appealing type of black car paint
  • Becomes iridescent under bright light


  • Susceptible to scratches and marks

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Black car paints come in different types to meet different needs/requirements of car owners. As you know, these paints aren’t just colors. They create different impressions. You should, therefore, be careful when making your choice. Go for a paint that conveys the message you would want to send out there when you hit the road. 

You can also ask manufacturers to create your color or customized paint that meets your needs. Even if you want an entirely different or new color, some high-end manufacturers can help you get it. It all depends on what you want. Provided you have the power to purchase it, you can get a customized look for your vehicle, especially if it’s a fancy type. 

In a nutshell, a nicely painted vehicle not only looks great, but it also lasts the longest. However, that is only the case if you choose the right type of paint for your car. Most importantly, you should know that paints ought to be applied with tremendous care. So, hire trusted pros when using paints on your car. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can You Paint a Car Vantablack? 

Vantablack paint has been around for a few years. However, it was only in 2019 when applied on vehicles specifically to a BMW X6 for trial purposes. Initially, the paint was meant for military technologies when a British company first manufactured it in 2014. 

You cannot, however, get it easily over the counters just like other paints. Other reasons, such as its look, high light absorption, and legality, make it inappropriate as car paint. It also has no reflection, and it tends to make objects look two dimensional. 

2. What is the Best Type of Paint to Use on a Car? 

The best type of car paint is urethane paints. Over the years, they have proved to be the most reliable and even surpassed acrylic paints for many reasons. For instance, they provide a perfect finish and tend to last longer than others. They are also resistant to chips, and you can get them quickly in leading stores.

Ask any mechanic or automotive expert about it, and you will realize that urethanes are the most preferred types of paints. For many years, they have stood the test of time to become an industry standard. 

3. What Car Paint Color Lasts the Longest?

White color lasts the longest compared to other types, including black. Why is that the case? Well, white is easy to keep clean and maintain; provided you keep it free from scratches/marks, they will always look new. 

However, you should note that while there are colors that last the longest, other factors also play a role in durability. You can have the best types of paints for your car, but you are likely to paint often with poor maintenance. So, get the best paint and keep your car from agents that cause damage to paints. 

4. What is Premium Paint on Cars?

Premium paints are those that increase the value of a car. In most cases, such colors are eye-catching and tend to be a little bit more expensive than the standard paints. An excellent example of premium paint is black metallic paint. 

5. Is It Worth Getting Metallic Paint?

Well, by and large, metallic paint gives your car not only a good look but also a durable finish. If you get it and apply correctly, you have nothing to worry provided you maintain it well. You should also note that metallic paint is the best if you want to increase your car’s resale value. 

The only thing you should beware of when it comes to metallic paint is that it’s hard to repair it. That shouldn’t, however, worry you if you are careful. Here we are just talking about significant damages. The paint is resistant to small impairments, such as sunlight fading. 

6. Where Do You Find the Paint Color Code on a Car? 

You can find paint color code on a car in different parts. The common areas are on the door jamb on the driver’s side, in the glove box, or the wheel well. Also, although it is infrequent, you can find the code in the passenger sun visor. You will not miss any of these areas. 


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