Simple Green vs. Purple Power: Which Should I Buy To Wash Car?

Are you looking for a professional degreaser that can be used for multiple purposes? Simple Green and Purple Power are two popular choices. Both cleaners can cut through grease, oil, soot, carbon deposits, road tar deposits, and many other types of dirt. 

You may have heard of one or both. Do you know their differences?

Find out about their features and functions in this detailed comparison. I hope you’ll be able to make an easy choice by the end of the post.

Simple Green vs. Purple Power: Comparison Chart 

 Simple GreenPurple Power
PurposeCleaning, Degreasing, Deodorizing.Cleaning, Degreasing
Usable Surfaces Car exterior, car interior, carpets, dashboard, engine, undercarriage, upholstery, painted surfaces, aluminum, steel, etc.

Car interior, plastic surfaces, walkways, siding, driveways, tires, etc

Usage DiluteDilute
Check PriceCheck Price

The Similarities of Simple Green and Purple Power

Simple Green and Purple Power are highly-concentrated formulas that need to be diluted before use. Both cleaners can efficiently deal with grease, oil, carbon deposits, and road tar. 

These degreasers are non-abrasive and non-flammable. As a result, they will not leave behind streaks and marks on various surfaces. 

Simple Green and Purple Power are safe in various cleaning equipment. They will do well in a pressure washer for thorough and safe cleaning on your car, home siding, decks and patios. Other applicable equipment include carpet cleaners, dip tanks, and floor scrubbers.

The Differences between Simple Green and Purple Power

1. Simple Green is safe on the car’s clear coat, but Purple Power needs to be heavily diluted as it can damage a vehicle’s paint. Also, you can use Simple Green on all car colors, including white and silver, while Purple Power is safe for colored cars only. 

2. Simple Green can handle general car dirt, but Purple Power’s concentrated formula is suitable for the toughest stains. It can penetrate oil, grease, and dirt on contact. As a result, it takes seconds for Purple Power to work. So, you can wipe it off as soon as you apply it. 

3. Purple Power is not safe on metals. So, you should be careful when cleaning tires by avoiding contact with the rims. On the other hand, Simple Green is safe on metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, and copper surfaces.

4. Equally important is that you need to work fast and dry the metallic parts you clean with Simple Green. Remember, you’re dealing with bare metals that can rust when not dried properly. 

5. Apart from cars, you can use Simple Green on garage tools, bikes, lawnmowers, etc., because it’s non-corrosive. However, Purple Power takes it outside so you can clean driveways, house siding, or the garage floor. 

6. While Purple Power is ideal for cleaning equipment that does not deal with metal, Simple Green is safe for ultrasonic and parts cleaners.

What does Simple Green do?

With Simple Green, you don’t need a refresher or cleanser after using it. The product is an all-purpose solution that does not require accessories. It can safely and efficiently deal with carbon deposits, juice stains, grease, lipstick, and many others that often end up on car mats and seats.

For automotive, you will like it for removing brake dust, transmission fluids, and other road grime on different car parts. It’s also suitable for removing paint overspray and paint and welding prep.

This cleaner can clean the dashboard, tires, wheels, bumpers, plastic parts, campers, aluminum, vinyl, and many other surfaces. However, it will need heavy dilution for engines and wheels.

Simple Green Pro HD"Purple" Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser - Heavy Duty, Professional, Automotive, Restaurant, Grills, Ovens (32 oz Spray @Heavy Strength and 1 Gal Concentrate Refill)

Simple Green Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser

Main Features:

Solvent Based 

Simple Green contains different chemicals. 

Its ingredients are:

  • Water 
  • Mixed Alcohol Ethoxylate
  • Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate 
  • Propylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether 
  • Sodium Citrate 
  • Fragrance
  • Colorant 

This degreaser contains a detergent (Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate), which helps to remove dirt from hard surfaces. Meanwhile, Mixed Alcohol Ethoxylate allows the cleaner to spread on the surface it’s cleaning. This ingredient also acts as a biodegradable surfactant.

Safe for The Environment 

Simple Green has a US EPA Safer Choice Label. The formula biodegrades 100% in only 84 days. Hence, you don’t need to sacrifice safety for performance. Still, it remains gentle on delicate car surfaces and will not leave residue but rather a polished shine. 

Deodorizing Formula 

Another feature to like on Simple Green is that it is available in a deodorizing formula. It means you can get rid of bad smells from the car interior. While some people find the odor strong, it’s likely because it’s meant to clean and remove foul smells simultaneously.

What does Purple Power do?

This product is only ideal for heavy-duty use. It is not FDA-approved, meaning you can’t use it near food like cleaning the BBQ. Additionally, you need to test for surface acceptance before using it on aluminum and stainless-steel parts. And if you do use it on aluminum and steel, you may need a metal polish to remove streaks and the hazy film that it leaves behind.

Still, because of its powerful components, it’s recommended to use gloves and eye protection. Also, it would help if you didn’t leave it to dry on the surface because you will need a different cleaner to remove it. 

Purple Power 4319PS Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser

Purple Power 4319PS Cleaner and Degreaser

Main Features:


Purple Power is chemically aqueous. It is a concentrated formula that is rated as industrial grade. As a result, it can clear the toughest residues, grease, and scum. Additionally, you will like it on brown goopy tires since you only need a few seconds to get them to showroom condition. 


Purple Power does not have phosphate and other chemicals that can leave streaks on all acceptable surfaces. Also, it contains corrosion inhibitors that prevent the cleaner from leaving behind a residue that can degrade metallic parts. This feature is vital since a little of the product will touch the rims as you clean the tires. 


This product is certified biodegradable and septic safe. It is also VOC compliant. It means the ingredients used do not emit industrial gases. This cleaner will break down quickly into non-toxic elements when you wash it down the drain. That’s why it’s safe for use in a farm environment. 


Perhaps the most attractive feature of Purple Power is budget-friendly. Compared to Simple Green, you can get more washes from Purple Power. 

Final Thought

The choice between Simple Green and Purple Power comes down to the surfaces you need to clean and your budget. Simple Green is more versatile than Purple Power since you can use it on all car parts. In comparison, you need to be a little cautious with Purple Power. This is because the latter does not accept all surfaces. 

On cars, our best application for Purple Power is cleaning tires. The cleaner is very industrial, and seeing that tires collect all sorts of grime, it will cut through all that road dirt in a cinch.

We’d recommend Simple Green for the complete vehicle cleaning because it is an all-purpose cleaner. It is tough on stains but gentle on car’s paint, metallic parts, and upholstery. Plus, it covers both indoor and outdoor use. As such, you don’t need to fill your garage cabinet with all sorts of cleaning products when you can pick Simple Green and achieve the results you want.

Simple Green Pro HD"Purple" Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser - Heavy Duty, Professional, Automotive, Restaurant, Grills, Ovens (32 oz Spray @Heavy Strength and 1 Gal Concentrate Refill)

Simple Green Cleaner & Degreaser

Purple Power 4319PS Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser

Purple Power Cleaner and Degreaser

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