Purple Power vs. Simple Green: Which Is Better?

Simple Green and Purple Power are professional degreasers that can be used for multiple purposes. We can use them to clean and remove grease, oil, soot, carbon deposits, road tar deposits, and many other types of dirt from cars. 

They look the same, but the truth is they’re different.

Find out about their features and functions in this detailed comparison. I hope you’ll be able to make an easy choice by the end of the post.

Simple Green vs. Purple Power: Quick Comparison Chart 

 Simple Green
Simple Green
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Purple Power
Purple Power
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Customer Rating
PriceSimple Green pricePurple Power price
Purpose Cleaning, DegreasingCleaning, Degreasing
Usable Surfaces Car exterior, car interior, car engineCar engine bay
Concentrated Concentrated

Purple Power vs. Simple Green: The Similarities

Simple Green and Purple Power are highly-concentrated formula products that need to be diluted before use. Both cleaners can efficiently deal with grease, oil, carbon deposits, and road tar. 

These degreasers are non-abrasive and non-flammable. As a result, they will not leave behind streaks and marks on various surfaces. 

Both Simple Green and Purple Power are safe for the environment.

Simple Green vs. Purple Power: The Differences

The video below compares simple green vs. purple power vs. super clean vs. simple green pro HD.

What Is Simple Green Used For?

You can use Simple Green with a pressure washer to wash your car’s exterior. This cleaner can also clean car’s interior such as the dashboard, plastic parts, aluminum, vinyl, and many other surfaces. Moreover, it can safely and efficiently deal with juice stains, lipstick, and many others that often on car mats and seats.

Simple Green is also used for removing brake dust, transmission fluids, and other road grime. However, it’s not as strong as Purple Power.

Besides, Simple Green can get rid of bad smells from the car interior. While some people find the odor is strong, it’s likely because it’s meant to clean and remove foul smells simultaneously.

You can buy Simple Green Heavy-Duty Cleaner below:

Simple Green Pro HD"Purple" Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser - Heavy Duty, Professional, Automotive

Simple Green Concentrated Cleaner & Degreaser

How Many Types of Simple Green?

Beside Heavy-Duty cleaners, there are different types of Simple Green such as All-Purpose cleaners, Car wash cleaners as below:

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner vs Purple Power

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner

Simple Green Car Wash is safer to wash car than Purple Power

Simple Green Car Wash

What Is Purple Power Cleaner Used For?

This product is ideal for heavy-duty use in engine bay such as grease, oil, soot, carbon deposits, road tar deposits. Because of its powerful components, you need to test for surface acceptance before using it on aluminum and stainless-steel parts. And if you do use it on aluminum and steel, you may need a metal polish to remove streaks and the hazy film that it leaves behind.

How To Use Purple Power?

It’s recommended to use gloves and eye protection when using Purple Power. Also, it would help if you didn’t leave it to dry on the surface because you will need a different cleaner to remove it. 

Buy Purple Power for engine bay cleaning below:

Purple Power 4319PS Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser

Purple Power 4319PS Cleaner and Degreaser

Final Thought

The choice between Simple Green and Purple Power comes down to the surfaces you need to clean.

We’d recommend Simple Green for the complete vehicle cleaning because it gentle on car’s paint, metallic parts, and upholstery. Plus, it covers both indoor and outdoor use.

While, the best application for Purple Power is cleaning engine.

Buy yours below:

Simple Green heavy-duty cleaner

Simple Green Cleaner

Purple Power Strength Cleaner vs Simple Green

Purple Power Engine Cleaner and Degreaser

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