6 Easy Tips to Get Weed Smell Out of Vehicle(With Guide)

Marijuana has a pungent smell, no doubt. Whether you occasionally take a few puffs in the car or someone left a stash that you can’t seem to find, it will leave its mark. So, don’t rack your brain over how to get weed smell out of your car. We got your back. 

But before we start, we’d like to caution you not to drive when stoned. Remember that marijuana is still illegal in many states, so if you don’t live in a marijuana-friendly state, you’re likely to get arrested for use and possession of marijuana. 

With that out of the way, let’s look at the most effective methods of removing marijuana smell from your vehicle. 

Tip 1: Use Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray and Air Freshener

Armor All Car Air Freshener and Cleaner - Odor Eliminator for Cars

Armor All Car Air Freshener and Cleaner

Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator Aerosol ZUSOE16 (Pack of 2) - Eliminate Cannabis (Marijuana) and Tobacco Odors

Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator

The smoke smell from weed is very difficult to get rid of – especially if you have cloth seats and puff a blunt every day. The smell is going to linger. And in fact, it can take up permanent residence in your vehicle. 

The reason being, the cannabis herb has terpenes that provide the characteristic smell of weed. These molecules tend to stick to plastic pores and cloth materials. Also, if you buy medicinal marijuana, the manufacturer is most likely to use preservative chemicals or artificial flavors. 

The bad thing is that cleaning once will not get rid of the smoke smell. The smell tends to return after some time. To this end, you will need a couple of cleanups. Luckily, we’ve got easy steps to follow here. 


Step 1: Vacuum and Clean the Car 

Clean the car
It’s best to start with a clean car. This way, the smoker odor eliminator will be more effective.

So, start by finding a nice, cool, and shady spot to park your car for spot cleaning. You can also go all-in and deep clean the car in and out. 

But we’ll talk about spot cleaning. 

Start by removing all the trash from your car, including any weed stash. If someone else hid their stash, you’d want to check the loose interior panels, under the glove compartment, under the car mats, etc. 

After you find the hideout, go ahead and use the soft brush to remove dirt and grime. Then, use the vacuum cleaner to pick weed and ash particles from the seats, panels, and storage areas. 

Next, use the microfiber cloth with the vinegar mixture and wipe leather seats and the vinyl and plastic components. Take care not to spray directly into the car parts. Alternate with a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the wet areas. 

Lastly, use a window cleaner to clean the windows. This step removes smoke residue from the windows. Then, wipe dry, and roll them down for the next steps. 

Step 2: Use the Air Freshener 

Use Armor All Car Air Freshener to get smoke odor out of car.

Armor All Car Air Freshener

In this step, we want to eliminate the weed smell from the vents using deodorizing products. Weed odor is likely to linger in the car’s cooling and heating air vents. 

Find the internal and exterior vents 

The internal vents are near the windshield or the side of the dash. The exterior vents are near the windshield wipers. Remove the cabin filter and wash the housing of the vents. 

Spray the Air Freshener  

Turn on the heater from the exterior vents. Next, spray the air freshener directly into the outer vents. Wait for a few seconds until the air freshener reaches the interior vents before repeating the process. You can do this twice and then turn off the heater. 

Finally, install a new cabin filter, then close the vents housing. 

Step 3: Leave an Odor Eliminator 

Zep will help to eliminate the weed smell in car.
Professional-strength, long-lasting, mountain fresh scent. Leaves air crisp and clean

Zep Smoke Odor Eliminator

An air freshener like Zep is going to mask the odor. But the smell is going to come back after around six hours. That’s where an odor eliminator comes in. This product is going to bind with the odor-producing chemicals and kill or neutralize the smell. 

Such products include air purifiers that can plug into your lighter or gels, pouches, and sacks with bamboo charcoal and other odor-eliminating chemicals. 

It’s good to combine these products where you use an odor eliminator in a spray bottle for cloth seats and a pouch or gel that you leave in a non-obtrusive place. An air purifier is also ideal for plugging into the lighter socket or clipping to the vent. 

It’s also advisable to store your stash alongside a small bag of bamboo charcoal. No one will ever know you have weed in your car since the bamboo charcoal absorbs the weed’s odor. All you need to do is reactivate the bag in the sun and use it again in a few weeks. 

Tip 2: Use an Ozone Generator 

ozone generator is something to consider to get weed smell out of car.
Ozone reacts directly with contaminents in the air, water, fabrics, and walls to destroy instead of mask them

Enerzen Ozone Generator

If you’ve let weed smell get worse over time, an ozone generator is something to consider. It contains chemicals that can cause shortness of breath. A small ozone generator plugs into a power supply. It releases ozone, which works to disintegrate odor molecules. You can run it for one hour or up to 12 hours depending how bad the car smells. However, you should be outside the vehicle when the ozone generator is on. 

How to Eliminate ALL ODORS with an Ozone Machine

Tip 3: Use Baking Soda/ Charcoal

These substances are some of the best when it comes to absorbing smells. Baking soda and charcoal can do the trick if you’re dealing with a very strong weed smell. You will find charcoal being used in water and air filters thanks to its high trapping power. 

So, grab a chunk of charcoal. The one you use on the grill. Then, place it in a Ziploc bag and crush it with a hammer or tenderizing mallet. Alternatively, you can crush it in a mortar and pestle. Sounds like a lot of work, but for the results, it’s worth it. 

Now, sprinkle both powdered baking soda and charcoal in the car’s easy-to-reach places. We are talking about the seats and floor mats. Do not use wet baking soda or charcoal because, though they work better at removing smells, they are pretty hard to remove. 

Leave the substance overnight and then vacuum the residue out the next day. The baking soda and charcoal will have absorbed most of the odors. You’ll want to repeat the process after a few days until the smell is gone completely.

Tip 4: Use Cinnamon Air Freshener Spray 

Air Wick Apple Cinnamon Spray to get weed smell out of car.

Air Wick Apple Cinnamon Spray

In terms of bottles of air freshener sprays that last long; cinnamon is top of the list. This is because it has a distinctive smell that comes from essential oils in cinnamon’s bark. Typically, a cinnamon air freshener spray can last up to 15 days in a small space such as a car. 

It’s best to use the spray before and after smoking weed. This will keep the car smelling fresh. However, you may still need to invest in a long-term solution. 

Tip 5: Don’t Smoke in the car 

Sounds obvious, right?

Well, the only sure way to get rid of the weed smell in your car is by not smoking in the car in the first place. Smoking produces the most stinky smell. To this end, it could be better if you smoke outside the vehicle. Or consider other methods of weed consumption. 

Hold up. Joints are not the only way you can enjoy mind-altering marijuana. There’s a reason why bongs, vapes, and edibles exist. 

Bongs and vaporizers heat the weed where you pull from the pen or mouthpiece. These modes of weed use don’t leave a trace of weed odor in your car. They are better than joints if you use weed regularly. 

Edibles, like bongs and vapes, don’t produce any smell. Although they are not fast-acting, they are a sure way of ensuring you won’t deal with the smell of marijuana in your vehicle. 

Tip 6: Use a Sploof

Sploofy Original – Personal Smoke Air filter

Lastly, you can use a sploof. 

If you prefer that no one knows you smoke weed, you can use a sploof to ensure the smoke never escapes into the car. This method involves exhaling through a sploof. This device turns smoke into clean air. You can make a homemade sploof using a toilet roll and dryer sheet or buy a gadget that can remove 99.97% of the smoke particles. These devices use a 3-stage HEPA filtration system to trap the odor chemicals. 

How to get rid of the smell of marijuana with the sploofy!

Final Thought 

We get it. Not everyone loves the smell of weed. Our four quick tips to get weed smell out of cars will help you deal with the odor quickly and effectively. As you can see, odor eliminators work better at neutralizing the smell of marijuana than air fresheners. 

You can also use baking soda and charcoal without cleaning the interior. And, if you have a strong case of weed odor, an ozone generator is an ideal device. Finally, considering a sploof can do the trick. 

If all fails, you can always turn to edibles or smoke outside. Good luck!

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