Alcantara vs. Leather: Which Type of Car Interior Is Better?

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Today’s article is about the epic battle of Alcantara vs. Leather.

In the 1970s, a Japanese chemist named Miyoshi Okamoto developed a material that would later rival the dominance of leather in the automobile industry. It is uncertain that Miyoshi could have imagined that his creation would set the coliseum for a battle of car interiors, shaking off leather’s firm grip on the premium car interiors market.

We can find Alcantara in car interiors such as car seats or steering wheels.

But how do they differ? Which is better? I will explain below.

What is Alcantara Interior?

Alcantara is a synthetic suede material made from polyurethane and polyester. It is stain-resistant and durable, making it ideal for upholstery, automotive interiors, and other applications where a soft yet rigid material is desired. Alcantara has a distinctive luxurious and sporty feel, making it a popular choice for high-end automobiles and other products.

Alcantara interior

Is Alcantara Expensive?

Alcantara Pros & Cons

What is a Leather Interior?

Leather car interior

The leather interior is a material made from the tanned skin of animals, typically cows. Leather is used in a variety of applications, including car seats and steering wheels. Leather is durable and has a luxurious feel, making it a popular choice for high-end products. However, leather requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.

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Alcantara vs. Leather: What’s The Differences ?

  • Alcantara is more breathable than leather while leather is more durable than Alcantara.
  • Leather easily crack due to sun ray while Alcantara are great for any weather.
  • Leather is easier to clean and maintenance than Alcantara.
  • Alcantara is more expensive than leather.
Alcantara vs. Leather car seat
Difference between Alcantara vs. Leather Car Seat

Now, we’ll dive into the below detailed comparison :

Alcantara vs. Leather: Breathability

The winner: Alcantara

The breathability of textile becomes an essential factor during hot summers where “swamp backs/ butts” are regular, particularly for persons prone to sweating.

Interestingly, Leather and Alcantara are both breathable materials. But one proves to be more breathable than the other. We hope to compare and determine which material is more breathable in this Alcantara vs. leather section. 

Firstly, there are about four types of leathers used in cars: Aniline, Semi-Aniline, Full-Grain, and Corrected Grain Leather. Each type of leather comes with its level of breathability. But the aniline leathers get more breathable than the heavily pigmented car leather. 

Notwithstanding, Suede (which is also a type of leather) is a more breathable fabric than the other types of leather mentioned earlier. Where does this connect with Alcantara?

For starters, Alcantara is composed of about 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. This composition results in the suede-like look and feel of the Alcantara textile. Also, Alcantara is breathable due to its suede-like characteristics. This is the science behind these textiles. But real-life usage of these upholstery materials may prove otherwise. For this reason, we’d be considering the reviews from some vehicle owners with experience in using these materials.

My friend told me:

“Hands down, Alcantara is the winner. I tend to sweat a lot, and whenever I’m sitting in leather seats, I come out with a wet back and swamp a$$. With my Alcantara, it’s MUCH better…often, my shirt’s not wet at all when I finish driving.”

Backed with the science behind both upholstery materials and real-world reviews from car owners, Alcantara is more breathable than the traditional leather fabrics found in most vehicles.  

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Alcantara vs. Leather: Durability

The winner: Leather

Breathability is one aspect, but which of these upholstery materials stands the test of time? 

Leather stands out in this aspect, proving to be the most durable amongst the materials. Alcantara is strong, but it does not hold up well in the long run. It wears out a lot faster than leather when exposed to lots of friction. 

Leather car seats will crack due to sun rays while Alcantara can withstand wear and tear.
Leather car seats will easily crack due to sun rays

Alcantara vs. Leather: Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

The winner: Leather

Leather seats are easier for cleaning than alcantara car seats.
Leather car seats are easier to cleaning and maintain. Alcantara seats require a higher degree of care.

Leather seats are usually thick, so they do not absorb fluids easily. Say you got some water spilled on your leather seats; you could wipe quickly with a towel. Despite this, leather still requires some high maintenance to keep your seats looking as good as new. 

On the other hand, Alcantara seats require a higher degree of maintain. They’re more likely to absorb stains than leather. And, if your seat gets stained, you have to be gentle with how you scrub it to avoid tears. It would be best if you also had an excellent sweater shaver for your Alcantara. I throw more light on Alcantara cleaning and maintenance. 

The point is, both materials require special maintenance to have them looking at their best. Notwithstanding, it is easier to clean and maintain leather seats than Alcantara. 

Alcantara vs. Leather: Hot Weather

The winner: Alcantara

Alcantara are great for any weather. Made to withstand high pressure and temperature, Alcantara was initially used on Formula 1 vehicles. They’re cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

On the contrary, leather heat up easily in hot weather, causing cracks over time. They also get pretty cold in the winter. If your vehicle isn’t equipped with leather that cool or warms up depending on the climate, leather can be a problem in harsh climates. 

Alcantara vs. Leather: Price

The winner: Leather

Here’s the truth, Alcantara are overpriced. Popular automobile enthusiast Nick Murray explained that Alcantara is a synthetic material that doesn’t cost a lot to produce or buy. When used for car seats, Alcantara’s value takes a huge swing despite its cheap production costs. 

Genuine leather is expensive. You’ll spend more money trying to get your hands on genuine leather than you would on some yards of Alcantara. But for car seats, they switch positions. 

Is Alcantara Better Than Leather?

alcantara vs leather

It is therefore clear that Leather and Alcantara are equally advantaged and disadvantaged when compared using our metrics. Although highly pricey, Alcantara requires special maintenance and easily wears out in the long run. Leather, on the other hand, is less costly. It is also less comfortable and durable in extreme weather.

To determine the better product to buy, you’d have to consider your personal needs and budget. If you stay in an environment with relatively harsh weather all year round, Alcantara will be better leather. Unless, of course, you are willing to shell out a bit for heated leather seats or consistently maintain air conditioning to keep the seats in good shape. Body factors must be considered. People who sweat easily will prefer Alcantara over its much older alternative. 

Parents with young children will find leather much easier to clean, especially where kids spill things on them. Lastly, paying a premium for a product that costs a fraction of its price to make is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

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